LADY BOSS striped bell-shaped pants

42,14  incl. VAT

Although they were quite unpopular in middle ages because only socially unacceptable and marginalized people such as criminals, prisoners, clowns were wearing them, from the late 19th century stripes have become a fashion trend, first in men‘s and quite later in women‘s wardrobe.

Our LADY BOSS pants, made out of natural fabrics – viscose and linen, is part of a set which includes LADY BOSS blazer/topcoat, and it‘s completely inspired by the men‘s business look which conquered the world in the 20th century. Nowadays, in the 21th century, a woman is the one that uses her style to show her courage, masculinity, boldness, ambition, success, independence and fearlessness, that‘s the reason why we designed this set – for a woman who manly dare with her style and conquers with her fashion boldness.