About Us

Quality. Elegance. Femininity. Trend.

Blondy is a renowned Serbian brand and is among fashion brands with a long tradition in Serbia and the region.

We started in 2002, with the idea of ​​using, in addition to talent and love, the knowledge and skills we have accumulated over the years. We brought together young fashion designers from Belgrade and Vienna with the most experienced craftsmen: we created a brand and started our own production. We worked with quality and modern materials and boldly experimented.

Over time, we have grown into a serious Belgrade fashion factory and a popular regional brand with a loyal audience that knows they can always expect new and interesting models from us.

Today, we belong to the group of best-selling fashion brands on the domestic market.

BLONDY builds its success not only on experience and tradition, but also on the ability to keep up with the times, while not abandoning strict quality criteria.

Quality, elegance, femininity and trend, these are the values ​​by which you can recognize us.



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